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We guide & organise the courses for physicians interested in learning Knee, Hip, Joint & Arthroscopy Surgery at different Traininging Clinics / Centers.

Goal of the program We offer special courses to introduce clinicians to specific treatment methods. The goal of these courses is to provide clinicians with useful information on bone surgery in order to improve their clinical skills.

Basic structure of the ICC courses: The courses offer the basics in clinical diagnostics, treatment and follow-up generally focusing on bone surgery. The core of each course deals with state-of-the-art surgical techniques. ICC is particularly interested in training highly qualified researchers for the future. For this target group, we intend to organize separate courses on planning, implementation and publication of scientific studies and projects.

Professional requirements for participation The courses are open to all working in the field of bone science. There are no specific requirements for participation, although it is advisable that the candidate should have a MD or DMD diploma or the equivalent.

Please mail your detailed C.V. and specific requirements/ interests in Orthopedic Workshop/ Training/ Fellowship with minimum 3/ 6/ 12 months, to assess your requirement and suggest suitable workshop for you. If selected, you will be taught each and every step one by one and it will depend entirely on you how fast do you pick up and how many procedures you can perform in a day with best quality / results confidently & independently, without any post-operative complications. Of course, our Faculty or his/ her colleague will always be with you in operation theater for needful guidance and instructions for complication management, if required, which is most important during training. During training, you will also get opportunity to observe many more surgeries performed by the faculty for his paid patients, with his expert opinion & comments.

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